Apex Account Set up Process

How to create login for Apex

1. Visit the website of Apex Clearing Corporation by going to https://www.apexclearing.com. Once you are on the Apex Clearing Corporation website, kindly select the login option located in the upper right-hand corner.

2. Select Apex Clearing

3. Upon clicking the login icon, you'll encounter a login section. Click on "Create User ID" located at the bottom left corner of the login window.

4. You have now entered the New User ID Setup portal on Apex Clearing Corporation's platform. To continue, please click on the "Next > >" button.

5. Next, input your Q.ai account number. After entering it, click the "NEXT > >" button positioned below the account number input field. You can find your account number in the company closure email we sent on November 6, 2023, or by logging into the app.

6. Please input your Social Security Number (SSN) without dashes. After entering your SSN (without dashes), click on the "Next > >" button situated beneath the text field.

7. Enter your e-mail address, then click Next > > to proceed

8. Choose a Secret Question from the dropdown menu and enter your answer. Your "Secret Question" functions as a security query. After finishing this step, click on "Next > >" to proceed to the final stage.

9. Please follow the instructions to create your Apex Online username and password

How access your tax documents

  1. Login to your Apex account
  2. Click to view the menu options
  3. Under Reports, click on Online Tax Forms

Please keep in mind that tax documents are typically available around Mid-February.